Danville Divorce Lawyer

If you’re in the Danville area and are looking for a divorce lawyer, the Law Offices of Joseph H. Wolch can help. Our team of professional attorneys has been helping the residents of the Bay Area for decades. From divorce to child custody to division of property, our attorneys have the years of experience necessary to effectively represent you in your divorce. Just as every couple is unique, so is every divorce—we understand this and work hard to determine the best course of action for your situation.

Usually, divorces in California are what is referred to as “no fault.” This means that a court will not require one of the two individuals to prove wrongdoing by the other in order to grant the divorce. Whether or not there is clear fault in the reasons for your divorce, the Law Offices of Joseph H. Wolch helps you get everything that you need and deserve to continue living your life. Our divorce law attorneys are some of the most experienced in the area—you can count on us to represent you to the best of our abilities.